Since 2002, we have customized various types of vehicles. We have been helping others achieve their goals of redesigning their beloved trailers.

Our goal is to turn your dream into a reality while making the journey as pleasurable and well informed a process as possible. We would love to have the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss your custom trailer needs. Our team can do anything from full to partial restorations, electrical, mechanical, custom interiors, custom paint and body to specialized fabrication.


Here are just a few of the services we offer.


Make your trailer feel like home! We can help you bring your vision to life and assist you in the design of your vintage trailer including custom upholstery, fabrics, cabinetry, countertops, and more.


We can restore the exterior of your trailer, leaving it looking as good as new or better! We work tirelessly to ensure that not a single detail is overlooked.


Texoma Classics can repair all mechanical aspects of vintage trailers, including structural repairs, electrical, water system, LP System, 110 System, and 12v System

Texoma Classics can repair all mechanical aspects of vintage trailers


Power your travel trailer with solar energy! We specialize in adding custom-fitted solar panels on your trailer or RV. Our solar system design can be fitted specifically for your trailer and can power your trailer for years.


Use the power of wind to generate energy in your travel trailer! Charge your batteries using free energy generated from wind turbines we can custom install on your trailer.


Breakdown of Our Process



A comprehensive overall look-see which includes checking for mold, mildew,  or rodent infestation.  During this phase we look at the mechanical, electrical, structural, interior and exterior finish and functionality.


We pull back the walls or flooring and various other aspects of the trailer to determine what the condition of the hidden components are such as wiring, repairs, and brakes.


We can restore the subfloor with frame repairs, tank installations, plumbing provisions, roof structures, door and window issues.



We fix and repair the four major systems in your trailer. 

  • Water System

  • LP System

  • 110 System

  • 12v System



We cover the entire layout. We do custom cabinetry, counter-tops, upholstery, lighting design, galley/bath layouts, seating, bedding, wood selection, and flooring/window. Rest assured, we care about your vehicle and will cover all the details in depth.


Current Projects

Completed Projects

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