Vintage Trailer

Not so long ago, there was a time when families and friends loaded up travel trailers and hit the road.  They traveled what today are considered side roads and stopped at mom & pop attractions like the largest ball of yarn in the world and replicas of Dinosaurs!  One of the most famous roads was Route 66 and parts of it still exist to this day. 

Vintage trailers still have their charm… in fact, they are becoming more popular all the time.  Texoma Classics can help you find and restore a vintage travel trailer … and you & your family can hit the road as in days gone by!

Whether it’s a full restoration back to the nostalgic classic allure or a complete Restomod to bring in modern day flair to a vintage Trailer… Texoma Classics can help make it happen!

Texoma Classics specializes in Trailer Restorations of all eras,  makes and models.  Below you will find a list of our services:

  • Shell Off Renovations – Restoring to Factory Original or Fully Customized

  • Exterior Rejuvination – Skin Repair & Replacement

  • Finish Carpentry

  • Major Mechanicals

    • Water System

    • LP System

    • 110 System

    • 12v System

  • Metal Fabrication

  • Floor Repairs & Replacements

  • Interior Designs and Renovation

  • Custom Cabinetry

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Axle Replacements

  • Paint Epoxy or Powder Coating

  • LP Tanks

Texoma Classics Trailer Restorations provides a full array of services focusing on the repair, renovation, restoration and customizing of vintage trailer restorations.  We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions to your restoration needs.

Our Processes

  1. EVALUATION – A comprehensive overall look-see which includes checking for mold, mildew,  or rodent infestation.  During this phase we look at the Mechanical, electrical, structural, and interior and exterior finish and functionality.

  2. TEARDOWN – Sometimes it is necessary to pull back the walls or flooring and various other aspects of the trailer to determine what the condition of the hidden components are like such as rewiring, repairs, design layout for axles, brakes, and driveline components.

  3. STRUCTURAL – Often times a new subfloor is needed along with frame repairs, tank installation, plumbing provisions, roof structures, plumbing, door and window issues.

  4. MECHANICAL - We fix and repair the four major systems in your trailer. 

    • Water System

    • LP System

    • 110 System

    • 12v System

  5. INTERIOR- We cover in depth the lighting design, galley/bath layouts, seating, bedding, wood selection, flooring/window Exterior – Cleanup, under vehicle plumbing and stabilizer installation, inspection of tanks and holding covers, and other steps that make the finished product.  All systems are tested to see that they are operating properly.


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Texoma Classics Vintage Trailer Restoration was birthed as a result of having already been heavily involved in classic vehicle restoration for the past 13 years.  Our restorations included everything from Model A & Model T’s to Muscle Cars, as well as antique school busses, vintage fire trucks and a myriad of other unique projects in between.  This division kind of evolved from the fact that we already had the talent and skillset necessary for restoring classic cars & vintage automobiles.  We also knew what it took in order to bring a restoration project from a shell to a completed vehicle that not only met the needs and wants of the customer but exceeded their expectations.   Our team can do anything from full to partial restorations, electrical, mechanical, custom interiors, custom paint & body to specialized fabrication.

Our goal is to turn your dream into a reality while making the journey a pleasurable and well informed process as possible.   We would love to have the opportunity to sit down with you and discuss your custom trailer needs.


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