Texoma Classics

The High-Performance TC-EURO

The TC-Euro is for those who crave the unique styling of the classic European Supercars and the true high performance those cars possess. From its iconic European styling, with butterfly doors and rear spoiler, to it coming with ‘powerplants’ of the engine of your choosing that provide horsepower from 333 to 605, your TC-Euro does more than look the part.

The Texoma Classics team of expert craftsmen has the solution for the person that dreams of a Euro Supercar, has neither the time or desire to build it themselves, and is able and willing to invest a little over a hundred thousand to get his Euro 'Supercar' built for him by experts in the field.

You choose the engine and color you want you're Euro Exotic will provide you with breakneck performance without breaking your bank.

- Choose your engine:

  • · A Ford Coyote Supercharged, 605 HP

  • · A Chevrolet LS3 6.2L, 525 HP

  • · A Ford Coyote 5.0L 435 HP

  • · 350, LS1 333 HP

  • · Coming Soon: An Electric Green-Energy Solution

- Pick your favorite color:
British Racing Green * Deep Blue * Grabber Blue * Gray * Gulf Blue * Ninja Green * Orange * Red * White * Yellow


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