Are you looking to earn extra income? Are you an enthusiast of classic and vintage vehicles?

Then we have a position for you. We are looking for worldwide sales people to intermingle with other enthusiasts and help assist them with the restorations or their repair needs. You can earn a $25 sign-on bonus once you are fully registered, if you are the first person in your county/province.

We are a frame-off restoration shop and you will be assisting us with introductions to potential clients. While doing this you will earn extra income for simply making introductions that lead to paid projects. Frame off restorations average 750 hours per car and thus an earning potential of $1500 or higher per project. You'll receive paid commissions for referring clients that decide to restore their vehicle with Texoma Classics.

By submitting the form below, you are applying to become a Sales Associate (Friend of the Shop program participant) and will be contacted by a Texoma Classics staff member.

Please make sure your information is entered accurately, as we will use this information to register you as a Sales Associate.

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