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1965 Shelby Cobra
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1970 Mustang



with all new parts

What if you always loved the Classic and Iconic American Cars of the 50’s, 60’ and 70’s, but you never owned one? What if you didn’t inherit some special old car from a family member or you didn’t have or want a ‘barn find’ or some other type of old Classic that you wanted to “restore”? Maybe you went down that road of a car restoration before and didn’t want to do it again?

What's a Recreation?

Texoma Classics, along with our valued suppliers, can assemble the Classic Car of your choice. You will choose the Classic car of your dreams from the list found below. Then you will join us on a Design and Engineering (D&E) meeting, and you will choose your paint color (and effects) the power plant under the hood, your frame, your transmission, and the rear-end. Then develop your custom leather interior, all with our guidance, counsel and recommendations. AND IT WILL ALL BE NEW!

SEE THE LIST OF VEHICLE CHOICES BELOW AS WELL AS ANSWERS TO YOUR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. Also, please contact: [email protected], or click here to contact us for any other questions or requests for information. Your ‘Dream Car’ is within reach. Just contact us and visit our shop to begin the making of your New American Classic or Euro-Supercar.

Why Texoma Classics?

Modern Tech

From electronic fuel injection to electric motors, we'll work with you to build your project just the way you want it.

Manage your Project

Keep track of your entire project's history in our client portal complete with progress photos at every step. With Texoma Classics, you'll receive an Hours Breakdown of every action taken on your project. You'll always know exactly what we've done, when, and how much it costs.

Infinite Flexibility

If you can dream it, we can build it.

No Wait Lists

Tired of waiting on the competition? With two facilities, Texoma Classics is always ready to start new projects immediately.

Quality Work

Our team of technicians have over 100 years of experience cumulatively, and we've been in business for over 15 years.  

Full Service

We handle it all. Paint, Upholstery, Electrical, Car Audio, Crate Engines, Fully-Electric Drivetrains, Custom Fabrication, and more.


This is a fully modernized vehicle with customized drivetrain, suspension, and interior. It has been improved in every aspect compared to the original 1970 Chevelle design.

What are you interested in building?

(There are numerous buildable options below this form)

Cobra inspired roadster

TC Roadster

A truly high-performance 1965 styled Roadster, delivered to you - in the color and with the engine of your choosing! The TC-Roadster will provide breakneck performance without breaking your bank.

The TC-Roadster with the performance package of your choice!

- Choose your engine:

  • · A Ford Coyote 5.0L 605 HP

  • · A Chevrolet LS376 525 HP

  • · A Ford Coyote 5.0L 435 HP

  • · 350/333 HP

  • · Coming Soon: An Electric Green-Energy Solution


TC Euro

From its iconic European styling, with butterfly doors and rear spoiler, to it coming with ‘powerplants’ of the engine of your choosing that provide horsepower from 333 to 605, your TC-Euro does more than look the part.

You choose the engine and color you want you're Euro Exotic will provide you with breakneck performance without breaking your bank.

- Choose your engine:

  • · A Ford Coyote Supercharged, 605 HP

  • · A Chevrolet LS3 6.2L, 525 HP

  • · A Ford Coyote 5.0L 435 HP

  • · 350, LS1 333 HP

  • · Coming Soon: An Electric Green-Energy Solution

Classic Cars & Hot Rods


1932 Ford Coupe, Sedan, Roadster or Sedan Delivery
1933-1934 Ford Coupe
1937 Ford Convertible
1940 Ford Coupe
1949-1950 Mercury Coupe


1935 Chevy Coupe
1955 Chevy 2 Door; Hardtop, Sedan, & Convertible
1956 Chevy 2 Door; Hardtop, Sedan, & Convertible
1957 Chevy 2 Door; Hardtop, Sedan, & Convertible


1957 Corvette Convertible / Roadster
1959 Corvette Convertible / Roadster
1962 Corvette Convertible / Roadster
1963 Corvette Coupe - Z06 / Grand Sport
1964 Corvette Coupe
1965 Corvette Coupe
1966 Corvette Coupe
1967 Corvette Coupe or Convertible / Roadster


1970-1972 Dodge Challenger

1968-1970 Dodge Charger - Charger Dayton Superbird

Muscle / Pony Cars


1965-1966 Ford Mustang Fastback or Convertible
1967-1968 Ford Mustang Fastback or Convertible
1969 Ford Mustang Fastback
1970 Ford Mustang Fastback


Chevrolet - Chevy II / Nova
1966-1967 Chevrolet Chevy II / Nova Coupe

Chevrolet - Camaro
1967-1969 Chevy Camaro SS/RS/Z28 Coupe or Conv
1970-1973 Chevy Camaro SS/RS/Z28 Coupe

Pontiac - Firebird
1967-1969 Pontiac Firebird / Trans Am Coupe or Conv.

A-Body; Buick Skylark, Chevrolet Chevelle, Oldsmobile Cutlass, Pontiac LeMans

1970-1972 Buick Skylark / GS / GSX Coupe or Conv.
1970-1972 Chevy Chevelle / SS Coupe or Convertible
1970-1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass / 442 Coupe or Conv.
1970-1972 Pontiac LeMans / GTO Coupe or Conv.

Super Cars

TC - Euro Roadster / Super Car

Ford GT40 Inspired Supercar

Lamborghini Inspired Supercars
Countach, Diablo & other models

Ferrari Inspired Supercars
308, GT California, Daytona Coupe

Lotus Inspired Supercars

McLaren Inspired Supercars

Classic Sports Cars

Ford Shelby Cobra – Two Seat Open Cockpit

Porsche 356 Roadster Inspired Replica
Porsche 356 Speedster Inspired Replica
Porsche 911 Inspired Replica



1940-1941 Ford Pick Up / Utility Truck

1966-1976 Ford Bronco
1947-1954 Chevy Pick Up / Utility Truck


1944 Willys Jeep – Classic Military style Jeep

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Can You Offer Brand-New Classics?

    Today classic cars are very well supported. There are many quality manufactures building copies of original parts. In fact, in many cases manufactures have acquired original press dies allowing for accurate new reproduction original parts. In addition, if you're adding a new state of the art engine you will find these are currently being factory built. Examples of this are the LS3 and Coyote Engines.

    What Is A Recreation?

    It is a 100% new car built to your specifications. A Recreation looks original on the outside, but is built with modern components and tailored to meet your desires. Your Recreation will be built as a restomod, which is a restoration/modification with newer parts, again using the LS3 Engine as an example.

    What Is The Major Difference Between Restoring An Old Factory Classic And Assembling The Same Car ‘New’?

    The major differences are what we refer to as “unforeseen problems”. You should budget for unforeseen problems when doing a restoration. There are a number of areas that can expose unforeseen problems. A good example of this is the point of which the car gets back from the media blaster. We cannot tell in advance what we do not know until the car gets back. Once back unforeseen metal work is usually required, but as this is a new car with all new parts you will not be faced with the tasks of heavy metal repair. While these cars are not cheap the unforeseen obstacles will be far less.

    What Is A 'Resto-Mod'?

    A restomod is taking an original car, restoring it so that it retains the looks of the original while modifying its components. As an example, we may add an LS3 engine, Currie rearend, new suspension and disk brakes all around. Looks like an original car but performs like today’s.

    What Major Suppliers Do You Use For Assembling A New Classic?

    We have many relationships with many major manufactures. Manufactures that provide both all original parts as well as newer technology products.

    What Are The Financial Advantages Of A New Recreation Versus Restoration?

    As discussed above the post media blasting metal work is removed from a project of this nature. In the end you end up with a brand-new car that costs less to produce.

    Does It Take Less Time To Do A ‘Recreation’ Than A Restoration? What Is The Approximate Time-Frame For A ‘Recreation’ From Start To Finish?

    Yes, it does take less time, as we mentioned above there are less unforeseen potential problems. As far as time frame it depends on, parts venders, the extent you spec out the car, our workload in the shop etc. Figure at least 6 months.

    Can I Choose The Engine And Paint I Want? What Else Do I Get To Choose In Recreating My New Classic?

    Absolutely, we are a custom car shop. Any part, any color/paint, any drivetrain, any interior, and any specification can be chosen. You can assemble the car in any way you want.

    Are These New Classic Recreations Metal Or Fiberglass?

    For the most part the cars are similar to original materials. Of course, there are some exceptions. As an example, if we are doing a Corvette or a Shelby they would be fiberglass bodies.

    If I Want To Have Texoma Classics Assemble A New Classic For Me, What Do I Need To Do And How Much Money Do I Need To Have Up-Front? What Is The Purchase Price For Any Particular Car?

    The price of the car is dependent on your approach. Like the drive train, interior and paint you can shape the project to meet your budgetary needs. Once we sit down with you in a Design and Engineering meeting we will develop a detailed cost analysis. Once the analysis is done we will figure the deposit for both labor and parts. An initial $10,000 deposit gets the project started.

    Is There A Warranty?

    Texoma Classics warranties any labor to be free of defects for a period of one year. As well, we pass any manufacture's warranties on to you.

    How Do I Find Out The Cost Of The Cars Listed Here?

    For an initial pricing we have priced out two cars that you can look at line by line. Please see the Supercar or the Shelby for pricing of those projects. Past that we will sit down with you for a Design and Engineering meeting. This meeting will provide a detailed pricing proposal.

    Am I Going To Be Charged Labor And Parts Or Is This All Included In One Fixed Purchase Price?

    Once we have been through the D&E meeting it is close to a fixed price but as discussed above, while far lesser than a restoration, there might still be some minor variables that extend the price.

    Do You Provide Delivery Service In-State Or Out-Of-State Or Is This Something I Need To Arrange?

    Yes, in this case we would provide delivery at a rate of $1.50 per mile. Or if you prefer you may arrange a company to deliver the vehicle. For our International Customers, we will get the car to a port of your choice. Above rates apply.

    Do You Provide A Warranty On The Paint Job?

    Yes, as with all labor we do warranty the paint job.

    Am I Restricted To Only The Parts You Offer, Or Can I Request Or Provide Certain Parts That I Wish To Have Installed?

    You can provide parts if you like. Please consider that the cheapest parts sometime add to labor to make them work or fit.

    Are Each Of The Cars You Offer Show Quality?

    We can offer you a daily driver or a show quality points car. As we are a custom shop we can assemble it anyway you like.

    Will You Have The Car State Inspected Or Is This My Responsibility?

    Yes will have the car inspected for you but due to law can only have an inspection done in Grayson County, Texas.

    Will You Assembe A Car To Meet My State’s Motor Vehicle Inspection Requirements, Such As Emissions/Anti-Pollution Standards? If So, Does This Cost Extra And How Much More?

    Yes, but due to the widely varying requirements specifics should be discussed during consultation. If applicable, additional cost may occur.

    Can You Ship These Vehicles To Another Country?

    Yes, and while certain circumstances require third party involvement we are more than happy to help you work something out during consultation.

    Do You Custom Tune The Engine To A Certain Specification Or Is The Tune Determined By The Customer?

    If we are installing an LS3 we will do a standard tune that will have you close to max performance. If you care to, we can Dynameter the engine for maximum performance for appropriate additional charges.

    What Is The Next Step, What Do We Do If We Would Like More Info?

    We are always available to discuss your needs, so please feel free to contact us. Please call the number listed above the F.A.Q. and at the bottom of the page.