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TC Roadster and TC Euro

There are essentially three types of ‘exotic’ car lovers in the world. One person has half a million dollars burning a hole in their pocket and can afford an original exotic car, be it a CobraTM, LamborghiniTM or FerrariTM. Another person doesn’t have that kind of money but has forty to fifty thousand dollars and loves to turn a wrench, so they buy a kit car replica and assemble it.

The third type of car lover has more than fifty thousand dollars and doesn’t want to build a car for themselves but wants an exotic that won’t cost them a quarter or half of a million dollars. This is the TC High-Performance Exotics’ customer. If you are this third type of customer, you’ve landed on the right page. WELCOME!

The TC-Euro exudes the classic styling of today's European Exotics Supercars for a fraction of the cost. And beyond its styling, this TC-Exotic comes with a performance package of your choosing and one that will easily rival the traditional exotic Supercars of Europe.

This iconic roadster styling is known by all, but affording an original Cobra is beyond the reach of most. The TC-Roadster changes all that, by putting this high-performance iconic roadster within the reach of many more, and 'turn-key' delivered to you in the color and performance package of your choosing.

performance delivered to you.

Texoma Classics (TC) is a full-service Classic Car restoration company founded in 2002. With an all 'in-house- team of experts in complete mechanics, electrical, fabrication, upholstery, body and paint solutions, the TC Exotic of your choosing will be delivered to you following your order placement. 

Your Car... Your Choice


A Multi-Color Palette to Choose From

Both the TC-Roadster and the TC-Euro  respectively come in five or ten classic paint colors for you to choose from. After all, your iconic 'Exotic' should have the exotic color you prefer.


Choose Your Engine

Each TC-Exotic, the Roadster and the Euro, come with the "power plant" of you choosing. Its just a matter of how fast you want to 'arrive in style'., from 333 HP to 605 HP. And coming soon, an Electric Green-Energy Motor.

Your dream car - without the hassle


At the end of the day, it's about you receiving the performance package of your dreams in the body style you desire. You choose the color and engine and we do the rest. The TC craftsmen complete your Exotic's assembly and its ready for pick-up or delivery to your door, ready for you to 'hit the road' in style and speed. You can always contact us with any questions about assembling your performance vehicle.

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