Our Goal

Our goal here is to provide you with a great restoration experience. In the end, we would like to be able to use you for a video testimonial. We would like to have you walk away happy, if not friends. While we hope everyone’s experience is fun it is a business undertaking, never the less, we are providing this information for transparency of the shop’s procedures and to establish successful guidelines as we go forward. Someone once said “good fences make good neighbors”. So therefore this document is an attempt to provide you with all of the information to go forward with a good understanding of what will be our team relationship.

Texoma Classics provides all aspects of car restoration

We have worked hard in developing a one stop, full turnkey shop. Where every aspect of the vehicle is supported from bumper to bumper, so to speak. Drivetrain rebuilds, full frame off restorations, restomods, suspension, brakes, machine shop capable of making any part, parts locating services, vehicle consulting, body/paint, electrical work, harnesses, starters, generators, magnetos, recharging of magnets and interiors (upholstery). While we do specialize in Full Frame off Restorations we also provide “Cherry Picked” services.


Well...almost all

We do still sub out the re-chrome of the vehicles chrome, large media blasting and powder coating. While we do have a parts media blaster in house whole vehicle blasting is sub’ed out. Time in preparation of your vehicle, loading on trailer, scheduling, transportation, pick up, unloading and reviewing are all part of the process and is considered part of your project. If the part being either, re-chromed, blasted or powder coated and is of a technical/project nature or requires technical input normal rates will apply.

Engine Rebuilding

Full service, magnafluxing, pressure testing of blocks, hot vatting, cylinder boring, valve guides, valve seats, block decking, head decking, crank grinding, bearing inserts, Babbitt bearings, line boring. All full turnkey services for both antique and classic stock engines.  

We Work By The Hour

Texoma Classics works not by the job, but rather by the hour.


The Bolt

Working on antique/classic cars that are 50 to 100+ years old are far different than that of today’s current modern cars. When you take your Suburban to the Chevrolet dealer for service, they look up in the computer how long it will take to do the job. As an example, the computer indicates that an alternator that will take 3.5 hours and it will take 3.5 hours no matter what. All of the bolts are fresh, have no rust and are easily removed. Then in addition to the new hardware being easy to work on, if the job goes over the 3.5 hours it still stays at 3.5 hours because their techs are on “flag hours” and the tech absorbs anything over the 3.5 hours.

Now we get to the 50 to 100+ year old cars. Something as simple as removing a bolt that is many years old, something that should take seconds can become an extensive effort. If the bolt is rusted we will start with penetrating oil, if that does not work we will use a torch to heat it, sometimes the bolt breaks off, which means we have to drill the bolt, extract it and restore the threads. Something that should have taken 4 seconds has become 4 hours. Now think… 3000 more bolts to go.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Under certain circumstances we find problems hidden under outer layers. I.e. inner rear fender wells rusted out that cannot be seen from the outside. These unforeseen problems can affect the outcome of the budget numbers originally presented. For this reason we work by the hour and not the job. When we do run into an unforeseen problem we will, stop, contact you, get your verbal approval to proceed and provide a change order. Please see below for more information on change orders.

It should be said that in the event we do run into unforeseen circumstances you should maintain an auxiliary budget so that the project can keep progressing smoothly. Of course, you will be notified of any unforeseen problems and you will always reserve the right to decline any such activity.

Cars in For Repairs Only

(not applicable to full frame off restorations)

On 50+ year old cars have many things that can go wrong. In addition and most important to understand, underlying problems may exist that you do not know about and are not obvious at the time of bringing it to the shop. You may bring the vehicle in for one problem and during the course of this repair something else may become apparent. We will stop, call you and discuss the issue. During this process of diagnosis we do charge for this time. You will always have the ability to decline any newly discovered problems.

Commercial Projects

We assume no responsibility nor will we be held accountable for any lost business. You acknowledge that our shop does NOT offer up or agree to any deadlines. We do not offer deadlines up front and we do not engage into any deadlines once the project begins. There are way too many uncontrollable variables and circumstances that would allow us to commit to such.

Our Rates

All cars and trucks post Babbitt engines, all work, $95.00 per hour.

All cars and trucks with Babbitt engines, all work, $110.00 per hour.

Trailer/RV’s, $110.00 per hour. We do not offer polishing services.

Custom airplane interior $150.00 per hour.

Antique items, $95.00 per hour.

Boats, $125.00 per hour.

Motorcycles, $95.00 per hour.

Antique tractors, $95.00 per hour.

General welding and fabrication (other than vehicle related), $100.00 per hour.

Custom machining, $125.00 per hour.

Design/business consulting on various projects, $150.00 per hour.

Pick-up and Delivery, under 60 miles, at cost.

Pick-up and Delivery, over 60 miles, $1.50 per mile.

The Fast Food Drive Through, the Calendar and How Long?

Today we can get everything fast, fast food, fast cash, fast information but not so much on restorations. While we will begin on your car immediately it will take some time to restore the car properly. While some jobs could take days or weeks a full frame off restoration can take a year and maybe longer. Of course your timeline varies due to the complexity and condition of your project, your expectations, customer load in shop, parts, materials etc. While we will work very hard with you to meet your goals we cannot guarantee a particular deadline due to variables and issues both inside and outside of our control. With all due respect, your vehicle will be done when it is done. We all get anxious when we are heading towards the end. We can almost taste it, but it is at this point we must all remain calm and allow the shop to finish your vehicle. This allows the technicians to make it safe… and make it perfect. We will call you when it is done. We do NOT take date requests at or near the end of projects.


Early Removal

 If you do elect to remove the project from the shop before it is done, complaints later of, “this or that is not done” will not be entertained. If you remove the vehicle early you are acknowledging that you are releasing Texoma Classics from all future claims. 

This early removal may void the manufactures warrantee as we can no longer control what may be done to any equipment once out of our facility.

We will not be held responsible for anything missing once you depart. Nor will we be held responsible for any commercial natured projects for any lost business.



We are not. Texoma Classics hires and employs humans. We all make mistakes. Sometime things fall through the cracks. After you stare at a car long enough sometime you become defect blind. We cannot guarantee that you will never find a problem but we do guarantee that we will stand behind our workmanship. Any problem related to our labor will be corrected. During the process and in the end the car should be perfect, please point out anything that is not and we will make it so.  When building custom cars especially today with computer systems things can and may go wrong. If you do discover anything wrong with your car please understand we have your back and will correct it. Yes this may include the need to schedule a follow up visit(s) after the project is done. Be assured all will be corrected.

The Budget

As stated above, we do not work by the job, rather by the hour. With this said we do understand your need to have a basic idea as to what the associated costs will be for your project. Ideally we have the vehicle at the office to develop such. We do understand that at times this is hard to do because of distance, schedules etc. We will develop a preliminary proposal and it is assumed that this is subject to change once the vehicle actually arrives at the shop. You may see some ‘To Be Determined’ (TBD) line item holders, which indicates something more needs to be done before the exact nature of the repair or restoration can be determined.

We will work with you to clarify these TBD lines and you will always reserve the right to decline any work before the work is done. Please understand the proposal is nothing more than that, a proposal, not a guarantee. Due to many variables outside of our control, unfortunately we CANNOT guarantee that the proposal number will be the final project price

Presentation, The Basic Idea

As mentioned above we will provide you a basic idea as to what the restoration will consist of financially. The process is as follows:

1)      Initial conversation, we provide you with basic services we offer and a basic understanding of you project goals are discussed.

2)     Vehicle inspection, you bring the vehicle by the shop (ideally) or if too far we will inspect via GetonSIP (see more information below), or via pictures. In order to provide you with the best possible information we would like to see the vehicle in person. As the old computer spread sheet slogan goes... good information in makes for good information out.

3)      We develop a Project List a.k.a. “Christmas List” of what the vehicle needs. These needs are formulated by our inspection, your desires and of course your dreams.

4)     Presentation, we make an in person presentation to review the Project List with you. We do this so that there are no misunderstandings of the data presented. The document being provided is with the understanding that we will ‘bat it back and forth’ or ‘edit it’ until it meets all of your needs including and most importantly, your budget requirements.

5)      Presentation, we make an in-person presentation to review the Project List with you. We do this so that there are no misunderstandings of the data presented. The document being provided is with the understanding that we will ‘bat it back and forth’ or ‘edit it’ until it meets all of your needs including and most importantly, your budget requirements.

Deposit and Ongoing Replenishment

We require a deposit that is different from project to project due to variables related to the job. The purpose of the deposit is so that we are working off your funding. At any given time we may have 20 vehicles in the shop and it would be cost prohibitive for us to finance these projects. Therefore keeping your deposit replenished allows to keeping moving without interruption.

On any project after the initial deposit, invoicing will be issued in approximately $5000 increments in order to keep the payments manageable. The deposit is applied to initial parts/labor along with any parts or labor thereafter. You may receive an additional early invoice if there are additional large parts (a.k.a. heavy lifting items, i.e. a full drivetrain) are required.

As well on an ongoing basis on smaller parts that continue to add up you may also receive an individual invoice. We do this to keep the deposit focused on labor and again to keep the payments manageable.

Parts are Parts

Currently: Research, ordering, pick up and handling of parts will be billed for at the shop rate. If you would like to handle this yourself to save money, that is fine with us. If we do get involved in any parts we will bill accordingly.

Future: Beginning sometime in the future (after having changed to QuickBooks), we will be charging an industry standard charge of X% to cover time consumed in initial research, requisition effort and acquisitions of parts/materials. In rare cases, for certain odd parts, particularly on older vehicles there may be an additional surcharge based on hours consumed. This surcharge (if applicable) would be in the form of the standard shop rates associated with that project. In the mean time (pre-QuickBooks) we will bill for our time looking for your parts.

Broken Parts

We work on vehicles that can be over 100 years old. The associated parts are subject to heating and cooling cycles, UV exposure, water exposure, accidents, abuse, years of various under qualified people doing, who knows what, resulting in parts becoming brittle, rotted, rusted etc. It is normal for some of these parts to brake. While We employ great care in handling all parts, parts do brake. We will not be held responsible for such breakage and you will faced with the financial cost of replacing such parts.


While Texoma Classics strives to work with its customers it is a business never-the-less. Therefore while we will be happy to store your car for a short period of time you must understand that we are NOT a storage facility. We may work with you if your needs extend but if you stop working on your project and the time exceeds a week we will begin charging storage fees. Storage fees are to be charged at a rate of $25 per day.

Payment Methods

We currently have 5 methods of payment. All are acceptable but you should understand there is a fee for credit card use.

    •  Direct Deposit at Chase. Account number will be furnished if you elect this method.

     • Wire. Wiring information will provided if you want to pay by wire.

     • Check. Please make checks payable to: Texoma Classics.

     • Cash

    • Credit Card via Square, there is an approximate 3.6% fee charge to you if you elect to pay via credit card.

The Inspection

All vehicles being brought to Texoma Classics will be provided an initial inspection. This is to assure three things:

1)      Your Protection – we will review the vehicle with you to develop an understanding of exactly what it is you’re seeking to have done and will come up with a punch list that will allow us to develop a budget for you.

2)     Our Protection – we will review the vehicle for pre-existing conditions and in some cases photograph any existing damage. This way after the vehicle leaves our shop there will be no misunderstanding of whose responsibility it is on any damage.

3)      Provide - we secure pictures for our web site and the initial pictures provide the “before” pictures associated with the site. By signing this document you are allowing us to publish such pictures.


The Client Manages the Budget

As the restoration process is a team effort we ask that you participate in the management of your vehicle and budget. In fact we put this burden squarely on your shoulders. We do this so that in the end you are not only happy with the technical quality but also with the final cost. If something is exceeding your limits we ask that you bring this to our attention immediately, so we can figure out a direction that is satisfactory to all parties.

Budget Problems

We do not entertain, nor will we take any aspect of any invoice concern after a period of 30 days. You can not and may not wait until the end of a project to submit concerns regarding your invoice. We will be glad to review any concern you may have, it just needs to be done within the specified time frame.

Talking to Technicians

Your welcome to talk to the technician working on your car at any time, however any official business needs to be done with the Shop Manager. This includes and is not limited to technical changes, timeline discussions, billing etc. We will not be held accountable for any discussion that takes place with the technician without the Shop Manager present.


How to Manage the Project

To help you manage your project we have established a Client Portal on our web site.  Each client has their own private sign-in accessing their account’s information. There you will find a number of tools provided to you in order to manage your budget. Please note that we do this so that you have full control of the final cost of your vehicle.

You, not our shop has full and final approval of all costs.



This single document allows you access to both your  invoice and timesheet 24/7. Here you will find a weekly update of your vehicle’s cost including and not limited to, labor, materials, parts and any other vehicle project related expense. This report is updated early each week. (NOTE: Beginning in 1Q/17 we will be converting to quick books and the Invoice will be live on your portal and the link to the individual Invoice will be removed). In addition to the website location, this document will be emailed out to you weekly. The invoice will either have a “Balance Due” indicating funding due or simply a “balance” indicating that there is no need for additional funding at the time of the emailing.             

Daily Progress Report

While the Invoice/Timesheet does show itemized labor expenditures as well as parts, materials etc. it is only updated once a week. The Daily Progress Report is updated daily and will always be one business day behind, i.e. Monday’s work is posted Tuesday. This is then the most current financial information pertaining to your vehicle and can be accessed 24/7. Simply take the hours listed and multiple by the shop rate (see above) to arrive at your current financial status on your project. (NOTE: beginning 1Q17 we will be converting to Quick Books and both the Invoice mentioned above and the Daily Report will be combined into one document. This one document will continue to be available in your portal).

Picture Updates

 As mentioned above and below we do take pictures. The Current Project www.texomaclassics.com/current-projects-2 section you will find pictures of your vehicle with updates as it progresses. If you have a question regarding your Daily Progress Report you may find out what is being recorded by checking out your pictures.

Video Updates

We also offer Live Video via:

GetonSIP - https://app.onsip.com/app/call?n=Lee%20Terwilliger&a=sales%40texomaclassics.onsip.com

Skype: Admin@TexomaClassics.com

This allows us to provide a live virtual tour. If you have a specific question regarding your invoice we can live stream you out to the car and review any concern you may have.

Weekly Calls

We perform a weekly Client Contact call to review with you your financial status regarding your project. This is to keep you well informed and provide you the opportunity to stop anytime you feel you must. If we cannot make contact with you during this Client Contact effort we will stop the project until we do reach you. This is done to protect us all regarding your budget.


If in the highly unlikely event all the above items fail, it is still your responsibility to manage your project. If such a failure were to take place it is your responsibility to continue to manage the project and stop the project if financially necessary. We will NOT negotiate a discount of any kind at the end of a project due to your failure of management.

Team Management

In the even the client is actually a couple, both, by signing below acknowledge that regardless of which team member makes a decision, the decision is representation of both parties. If this is a team effort both members are responsible to communicate with the other and is not Texoma Classics responsibility to do so.

As it is your responsibility to manage all of the aspects of your project we ask that you check your account as often as needed. The customer portal can be found on our web site at: https://www.texomaclassics.com/client-portal.


You and you alone are responsible for your project cost(s).



Change Orders

Enthusiasm sometimes overrides our thinking and this leads to some sticker shock at invoice time. We will make every attempt to help you manage your budget and when changes do come up we will document the authorized changes and reflect how this will affect your budget. You will be asked to sign any ‘Change Order’ as the project proceeds. Please, for protection of all, we ask that any verbal discussion regarding your vehicle be recorded on an official Change Order. Please sign the Change Order and email back to your point of contact. With reference back to the previous paragraph, you remain the sole proprietor of managing your budget including and not limited to Change Orders.


The Client Also Helps Manage the Level of Quality

As with the financial aspect we ask that you stay advised on the quality of work being performed. As different levels of quality are performed in the shop i.e. a basic paint job vs. show quality job we ask that you verify we are working at a level that is matching your expectations. Better to make a course correction at the start rather than well into the project where it would take a substantial amount of work to change it

Pictures along the Way

We continue to take pictures of your vehicle along the restoration process in order to:

  1. Catalog the disassembly process. This provides a photo inventory of all of your parts. We also “tag and bag” all parts. Small parts are secured in zip lock bags with a description written on the bag to the nature of the parts bagged. Larger parts are tagged with similar information recorded.
  2. Record any pre-existing damage. We do this that if any damage is discovered. We can send you pictures of the problem and can then discuss the problem with you. If you elect to repair the newly found damage we will add this work to the budget and get it done. You always reserve the right to declines any such work.
  3. ‘During’ or ‘work in progress’ pictures are recorded for the web site. You’re welcome to see your car via the web site as it progresses in the [Current Projects] section of our web site. The site can be viewed at: www.texomaclassics.com/current-projects-2

Picture and Video the Work Product

Client authorizes Texoma Classics to utilize all pictures, videos and any media images of the vehicle before (entry process into shop), during (the restoration) and perpetually for Texoma Classics marketing purposes thereafter. This will be done at no charge to Texoma Classics. 

The Proverbial Glass

We no longer remove glass ourselves. We sub contract this service out as it is just too much of a specialty skill set. While every attempt is made to keep your glass from damage it is the nature of working on old cars that glass is susceptible to damage. While We employ great care in handling all parts, parts do brake. We will not be held responsible for such breakage and you will faced with the financial cost of replacing such parts. Due to old glass glues, which become rock hard, the glass does at times, break. Texoma Classics will assume no responsibility for any damage occurred.

Running Errands

Be it we are running for your parts, or taking your parts/vehicle to a sub-contractor we do bill for this time. After all it is your project we are working on and we do continue to have overhead and pay our employees while we are delivering or picking up.



While we take every step to protect your vehicle ultimately it is your responsibility to protect it. This means you must provide insurance to cover the vehicle. This includes proper Driver’s Insurance to keep the car legal to test drive in Texas. Texoma Classics will assume no responsibility for any vehicle left in our possession, including and not limited to, weather damage, theft, fire, vandalism, all/any shop accidents and driving accidents. Your insurance must cover any loss of any type regardless of fault.

If you do want to enter you are agreeing that you are doing so at your own risk. You should carry appropriate insurance as to cover you against any accident regardless of the reason for or the fault thereof the accident. 

OSHA requires that we all wear Person Protection Gear (PPE). You further agree that you will abide by OSHA rules and failure to do so may result in violations that you would be personally responsible for.  


Pick Up and Delivery

As an added service to our clients we offer Pick Up and Delivery of your vehicle. Our goal here is to offer this as a service and to continue to bring work into the shop. We provide this service at hourly labor rate plus travel expenses. All trips are billed out at a 3 hour minimum.


Cars on Boats - International Shipping

For our international clients we will assist with importing and exporting any vehicle. While we do not actually provide shipping directly (this is the function of an international shipping company) we will assist you with shipping arrangements. Common ports in the US are Houston, Texas and Los Angles, California. We can arrange transportation to/from any port throughout the US.


We Want You Here - Shop Visits

As we (you and our shop) are all one team, we do ask that you visit as often as you can. If you’re not close, or simply too busy, we do offer Virtual Tours and we would be happy to set this up for you on an as needed basis. If you look at our web site we have this feature set up under the header title of [About Us] then scroll down to [Contact Us] or simply go to: www.texomaclassics/contact. You will see a link to GetonSIP a video call with our shop.


The Final Inspection

We as a team including yourself will perform the final inspection. As our goal is completeness and total quality we will ask you to inspect the vehicle with us. This is to assure all aspects are complete and to prevent surprises when you get home. We will verify everything you were charged for is indeed there, the quality is meeting your expectation and you are 100% satisfied.

By making your final payment and or taking possession of your vehicle, you are acknowledging that you have inspected the vehicle and everything appears to be in working order, all aspects of cosmetic concern is correct and you are indicating that there is no damage to the vehicle that may have been or was caused by Texoma Classics.

The Fine Print

Limited One-Year Warranty

Texoma Classics warrants our work to be free from defects in workmanship, under normal use, for a period of one year from the date of restoration and or repair by the original end-user. At its option, Texoma Classics will repair or replace, any labor effort which fails to conform to this warranty.

Texoma Classics DOES NOT warranty any product used in your vehicle, manufactured by any manufacturer. While we will work with you to apply for warranties on their equipment we do not directly warranty their products.

This warranty does not cover damage caused by (a) service or repairs by anyone other than Texoma Classics, (b) misuse or accident, in use, transit or otherwise. TEXOMA CLASSICS SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR LOSS OF USE OR ANY OTHER INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL OR INDIRECT COSTS, EXPENSES OR DAMAGES.

Except for established service warranties, guarantees or quality commitments, the Customer, on their own behalf and on behalf of their respective heirs, personal representatives, executors and assigns, hereby and forever releases the Company, and agrees not to institute, prosecute or pursue any action against the Company concerning any claim, complaint, charge, duty, obligation or cause of action of any kind, whether presently known or unknown, that the Customer may possess against the Company arising from any acts, omissions, facts or circumstances that have occurred or existed up until and including the time of and following the delivery of goods and services provided by the Company. Additionally, the Customer agrees to refrain from any disparagement, defamation, libel or slander of the Company, its principals and staff, and agrees to refrain from any tortious interference with the contracts and relationships of the Company.


And In The End

All of the above aspects are provided so that your experience is downright pleasurable. In the end all we want is to have you happy and that we all enter into a long and ongoing friendship. With you in control of the initial process, the budget at all times and the technical quality, we strive that in the end… you have the vehicle of your dreams.