Paint & Body

We Do It All, From Factory Correct Paint Jobs To Specialized Custom Paint & Body Work

Below is a high-level breakdown of our process with pictures to the right to demonstrate. Use the arrows on either side of the large picture to navigate, or click on a thumbnail in the strip below.


  1. Vehicle Breakdown
  2. Media Blast
  3. Epoxy Sealer
  4. Metal Fabrication (Patch Panels etc.)
  5. Body Work & Glaze
  6. Multiple Layers of Primer 
  7. Sand & Block
  8. Re-Prime
  9. Sand & Block Again
  10. Prep for Paint
  11. 3 to 4 Coats of Paint (As Needed)
  12. 3 Coats of Clear
  13. Wet Sanding
  14. Buffing

No matter what condition your vehicle is in, Texoma Classics can get it looking as good as new or better.



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