Air Conditioning

We Design, Fabricate, Install, & repair Air Conditioning in antique & Classic vehicles

In addition to recharging & repairing of A/C systems, we offer the unique service of Designing, Fabricating, & Installing Custom A/C for classic and antique vehicles. Yes, this means you can even have air conditioning installed in your 1906 Cadillac Model H, one of the very first closed cab consumer vehicles!

The benefits of this service are clear, as we've all become accustomed to heating and air conditioning in modern vehicles. Now you can drive your favorite Classic or Antique car any time of year in a wide variety of climates without having to compromise on comfort!

                                         1906 Cadillac Model H -  Now With Air Conditioning!


We Installed Custom A/C in this 1941 Chevy, a recent Restomod Project.

'41 Chevy Restomod Aftermarket Custom A/C Installation

'41 Chevy Restomod Aftermarket Custom A/C Installation

Gauge Manifold for Evacuator Pump

We completely overhauled this '41 Chevy, inside and out!

If you're interested in having A/C installed in your vehicle, or your A/C is in need of repair, Contact Us to get started.

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