Texoma Classics now offers off-road conversions and modifications as a service. Chassis & Frame reinforcement, roll cages, suspension systems, and LS conversions are just a few examples of what can be done to make your vehicle more capable. Whether you want a 4x4 Trail Vehicle or a Rock Crawler, we can make it a reality.

1989 Toyota Land Cruiser

This 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser is a project we're currently working on. This vehicle is getting a complete overhaul and will be packed with many features, but a few stand out above the rest; We've modified a 1997 Land Cruiser frame to fit the 1989 body for increased stability, modified the body to accommodate a high-end suspension system with 14" of travel, and installed a 525 HP LS3 engine matched with a high-torque transmission.

Off Road vehicle

Modified 1997 Frame

Here is the 1997 Frame, after being modified to fit the 1989 body & painted. In this photo, you can also see the engine, transmission, and shocks mounted on the frame.

Body of a off road vehicle

1989 Body After Paint

Here is the 1989 Body, directly after having a coat of paint applied. 

Off Road vehicle

Coming Together

In this photo, you can see the big picture coming together. While we've completed a lot of work on this vehicle, its a complete overhaul so there's still plenty to be done.  In addition to the bevy of structural & mechanical upgrades, we're installing a custom BMW interior as well. This vehicle will be both capable and comfortable when we're finished!

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To keep track of this project, visit the project page for this vehicle. To see more of our work, take a look at our Current Projects or Past Projects.

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