First Generation (1968-1970)

American Motors Corporation released the first Javelins in August of 1967 for the 1968 model year. Like the AMX, this AMC sporty car was based on the Project IV concept car pictured above. The standard pony car Javelin was equipped with either a 232 CID Straight-6 engine or a 290 CID two-barrel V8. Later into the 1968 production run, those desirous of a more serious high-speed contender could outfit the Javelin with one of two AMC V8 engines as part of a "Go" performance package. The larger of these, the AMX's 390 CID V8, could push the Javelin to sub-seven-seconds 0-60 track times. 

AMC advertisement for the 1968 Javelin.

AMC Advertisement for the 1972 Javelin AMX.

Second Generation (1971-1974)

AMC gave the Javelin an aggressively sporty makeover in 1971, and the changes were more than skin deep. Different engines were offered, including the 401 CID 4-barrel V8 with the "Go" package. Cosmetic changes continued in the 1972 and 1973 model year. After winning the Trans Am title in 1971 and 1972, AMC offered a "Trans Am Victory Edition," which included 14" slot-style wheels and several cosmetic upgrades. Despite a storied career in circuit racing, shifting market demands, steep competition, and changing priorities at AMC made 1974 the final model year for the Javelin.

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