Texoma Classics offers Anything from stock to custom made;  Including Seats, carpet, door panels, consoles, headliners, stereo installations, gauges and anything else you care to incorporate.


Texoma Classics offers our clients complete custom interiors for any type vehicle! 

Cars, boats and airplanes. Cloth, vinyl and leather...Oh My!

The Process:

  • Disassemble seat from the vehicle

  • Remove old Cover, cutting off panel by panel

  • Use panels to make patterns for:

    • Foam

    • New Material

  • Each panel MUST be sewn and reassembled in a very specific sequence, often using intricate stitching to make pleats and other designs such as:

    • Button tufting

    • Top stitches

    • Welt chord

    • Custom emblems

  • On installation, the exact reverse process is utilized to create a very professional and custom interior

We are passionate about what we do!