Go Green with Texoma Classics!

Go green with Texoma Classics

At Texoma Classics, we can convert your trailer into a green machine. We specialize in custom solar panel roofing, equipping your recreational vehicle with the ability to continually draw power from the sun. We can also equip your trailer with custom wind turbines to generate power on those cloudy, windy days.

Whatever your dream is, we will help it come to life.

Save the Environment. And Your Wallet.


Savings Over Time

Equipping your trailer with solar panel roofing and wind turbines can save you some serious green. Over time, your investment in solar and wind power will save you money while powering your trailer in an eco-friendly way.

What we can do for you:

  • Installation of custom flex-mounted panels that contour to the body of your trailer.

  • Installation of rigid solar panel mounts

  • Rigid solar panels on portable tripod -- store energy even if your trailer is not in direct sunlight! We can customize a plug-in jack for your trailer so you can easily hook up to your portable solar panels.

  • Wind turbines for nighttime or when you’re on the go!

Courtesy of zampsolar.com


We're always with you every step of the way and you can always check on your vehicle's progress.

Our Client Portal allows you to see pictures, videos, and updates about your vehicle so you'll always know what's going on.  


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