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Our departments are distinguished by decades of experience: Texoma Classics is a team of master craftsmen in engine restoration, woodworking, paint and auto body work. Our promise: it doesn't leave our shop until these experts have absolute confidence in it, inside and out.

I have inherited a 1924 Ford model T runabout pickup from my father after over 55 years in our family. In that time, a Worford transmission and interior upholstery kit upgrades in the 1970’s were the only changes made. It has been running, registered and insured over that period. I have been driving the T regularly until I noticed some driveline slipping issues several years ago and parked the car.

I met Chris and Travis at a car show in Denison and the conversation eventually got around to my car. They invited me to tour the Texoma Classics shop. The conversation with Chris, and the tour of the shop, convinced me to trust my family heirloom to their care. They did an initial condition record and appraisal.

We decided to do a full drivetrain and suspension rebuild, including cylinder boring, babbit bearings, valves, carburetor, transmission, Worford transmission, driveshaft, brakes, rear end gears and bearings. They also added a top kit that I had purchased earlier but had not installed yet. No other body or paint work was done.

It did not take long for the money to add up. All total, nearly $20,000 has spent to bring this antique up to daily driver condition. About 3 months later, I was proudly cruising the neighborhood with my refreshed treasure.

I got to know Travis through the project as he was the primary tech on this job. Chris and Travis were super to work with and kept me informed of the project progress. I was able to coordinate visits and watch some of the work being done, including poring some of the babbit bearings, engine stand startup and other general wrenching.

I have been driving the car for 2 years since completion. I am completely satisfied with the quality and caliber of work by Travis and Texoma Classics. There have been a couple of small issues: a rear axle oil leak and an electrical charging problem. I contacted Chris and we were able to make timely and proper repairs and adjustments.

Over all, I am very pleased with my association with the Texoma Classics team. I regularly recommend them to my friends and family who have in interest in quality work on their prized automotive possessions. I will use them again when I have a need.

Roger Simmers

My brother in law, Mark ... just had you paint his Mustang show car and speaks highly of your work
— David C.
I was very impressed not only with your facility but the professional attitude and expertise of your staff.

I have and would recommend your company to anyone who wants professional results in restoring any and all aspects of their classic auto. I would like to add that I find your rates are very reasonable for the quality of the work you do..

Your company is a credit to the hobby.
— John A.

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