The Toyota Land Cruiser is a series of four-wheel drive vehicles produced by the Japanese car maker Toyota. It is Toyota's longest running series. Production of the first generation Land Cruiser began in 1951 (90 units) as Toyota's version of a Jeep-like vehicle. The Land Cruiser has been produced in convertible, hardtop, station wagon, and utility truck versions. The Land Cruiser's reliability and longevity has led to huge popularity, especially in Australia where it is the best-selling body-on-frame, four-wheel drive vehicle. Toyota also extensively tests the Land Cruiser in the Australian outback – considered to be one of the toughest operating environments in both temperature and terrain.



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The 1989 Land Cruiser as it arrived in the shop.


1989 FJ62 is being placed on 1997 FJ80 frame

Chassis/ Frame – We are using the 1989 Chassis and Frame which has the locking differential, coil over suspension, full floating rear end, and 4 wheel disc brakes

Suspension – Stock Architecture

LS-3  Engine Swap – Aluminum fuel injected 5.7 ltr. 450 hp V8 upgraded to 520 hp

New Radiator – Custom made by Griffith

Intake – K&N Isolated Intake for air box

Undercoating- Poly Urea on the underside of the body and fenders and inside floors

Custom Paint & Body – Complete Paint & Body work which includes applying body filler in the necessary areas, completely sanding the body, glazing the body, re-sanded, 2 coats of High End PPG paint applied along with 2 coats of clear coat, wet sand the body and then buff to a pristine shine. 

Plumbing – Stainless steel plumbing, DBA Rotors with OEM pads, calipers and the like

Original Wiring Harness – Take apart and resauter then rewrapped

Mirrors – OEM Mirrors aftermarket

Sidemarkers – Japanese side marker red lights

Front Lights – JW Speaker LED lights

Vision X – LED auxillary lights

Vision X – LED Light Bar & Backup Light

Front Bumper replaced with winch – heavy duty

Rear Bumper –K-Mar Design Dual Carrier Bumper out of Australia

Heavy Duty Low Profile

Frame, Bumpers, Rack, Trim – Powder Coated Millspec 1 or greater

Original to the AND 62 & Replated in the Gold Aeredite Sink Wash & upraded to stainless where possible

Pro-Comp Alloys with Simulated Bead Locks

285-70-17 BF Goodrich Mud Terrains

Front Bumper-Warren Winch

Cargo Storage Systems Tailgate w/or w/o locks

Also in the side panels with integrated speakers

They are made by Wagon Master

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This beauty is beginning to come together...  We have painted the chassis, blasted & coated the body, installed the drive-train and we are in the process of re-attaching the body to the chassis.  The engine has been delivered and now its just a matter of putting all the pieces & parts together. 

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Custom LS engine mounts placed and welded, engine mounted in final location in chassis.

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 Suspension was mocked/tacked up to let us get a ballpark setting for desired ride height. Suspension at front cycled for articulation side to side, checking clearance and steering movement to make sure that everything clears. Coil over tower enclosures are in process of fabrication to allow future access to coil overs and remote reservoirs, yet seal out the elements from the cargo cabin. King 2.5 coil overs, 14 inches of travel with remote reservoirs.  Modified rear seat latches for factory seat operation with coilover enclosures behind seat.

LS3 4 engine oil pan, pickup tube, baffle and dipstick swapped for Camaro style for clearance at the front axle throughout suspension travel. 

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Transmission crossmember built, placed and modified to allow front driveshaft yoke pass through.

Got the body off the frame to do the final chassis welding. Then getting the frame and body ready for the final prep, then off to the paint booth to be painted.

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Installed Dynamat throughout the car in order to control the in-cab noise from disturbing the comfortable atmosphere. It is the highest efficiency sound dampening material available and the most effective product for stopping noise and vibration in your automobile.

The frame got into the paint booth today and got a new look. Once the paint sets then work continues to build the LS  conversion.

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Got a little preview of how the seats will look when they are all done. Got the motor mounted back to the frame now working on getting the transmission back on and lined up. 

Here we can see that the frame is moving along quickly. Got the shocks, axles with tires, motor and transmission back on. It is looking very good. Click on the pictures to get a closer look.

Got the body work done on here, then it went to get the primer coat put on. Once the primer is dry then the painting process starts. 

Got in the paint booth and got these pictures of the fresh paint! Looking great, that color looks great on here.

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Got the body work on the doors done and ready for the primer to go on.

Got all the doors primered and ready for them to be painted.

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The doors are painted and waiting to be put back on.

We've got the fuel line in now. Fuel filter with built in regulator also acts as a return. In line fuel pump with all black braided high-pr. Fuel line all black anodized A/N fittings rubber isolated fuel line clamps, tucked and hidden for safety.

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The body is now completely covered in paint. Soon it will be reunited with the frame! 

The body is about to be put back on the frame, pictures coming soon of them back together again.

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The body and frame back together, next is to work on the engine, body and chassis electrical.  

Got the doors hung up on the body. 

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Getting to work on the fenders, tailgate and hood. Working out any minor imperfections  for a flawless paint job.

Getting the windows and all the mechanisms put back in. Drivers side all done and passenger side door assembly in progress.

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Starting the process on the interior carpet and headliner. Early stages but you can start to picture how it will look together.

Started the wiring and running it through the whole car.

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Got the hood, front fenders, hatch and tailgate all painted. Once they are dry they will be ready to go back on the body.

The front seats came out of a BMW and have been reupholstered. They are made out of vinyl and chilewich which our upholstery department custom made for what the client wanted. The seat tracks need to be modified to fit the Land Cruiser since the bolt pattern does not match. The door panels are made out of the same material as the seats but they also have a section of carpet.

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Got Dynamat in all the doors and the rear hatch area. They had to put it on through the holes in the doors and use a metal roller to make it stay.

Here you can see that all the trim and accessories got painted. 

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The doors got all the buttons, switches, speaker covers and side door pockets. The body panels got the hatch knobs inserted.

Got the firewall on, now on to put the dash back together.

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Got the dash installed and have started to install pieces back together. The steering column, fuse box and the a/c and heater components are installed.    

We have some more parts painted and ready to go back on. There is the tailgate and fenders, front and rear, and the core support. 

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Getting the seat belts in and situated to be in the correct spots.

We got the heater installed today. 

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The core support is attached to the frame and when ready it will house the radiator and have the fenders attached.  

ARB heavy duty front bumper with winch mount got installed. 

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Getting the belts back on the engine.

Got the trim pieces on along with the seat belts in the correct spots. 

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The speakers are now in and it will sound great.

We got the front windshield installed and the window seal around the entire perimeter.

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The back seat is in, along with the carpet in the rear end of the car. 

The engine is coming along, they have been working hard to get it done. 

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Built custom brackets for the new shock reservoirs clamps. 

The first and second picture are of a panhard bar, it helps with stability. In the third picture is a cross brace for the fuel tank to bolt into. The last picture is the fuel tank straps that hold up the tank.

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The gas tank is now on and attached. 

Since the aftermarket stereo being installed doesn't provide sufficient power for the door speakers to perform at their maximum capability, we are running them off a 4 channel amplifier mounted under the rear seat in order to get the most out of the sound system.

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In the first picture, we got the running boards in and had to cut them to size so that they would fit correctly. The last two pictures the team got the running boards at the accurate length and installed on the car. When they are open there are two lights that make it easier to see.

Mocking up the rear modified bumper to make sure that it will sit right.

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Here is what the bushing was made for, this is the piece for the shifter made of of the lathe.

Getting these pieces ready to be painted and then be placed back on the car.

All the pieces got painted, the back bumper is what is hanging up and the front grill guard.

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The new bumper is now on the car, the box on the right side that you see is for portable gas tanks for while you are off roading.


The Land Cruiser project is wrapped up and has gone home to the owner. We hope everyone enjoyed watching this one get a completely new look to it. Scroll through the pictures to see how it looks now all done!