The Nash Statesman is a full-sized automobile that was built from 1949 to 1956, in two generations: 1949-1951 and 1952-1956. The Statesman was the lower-priced version of the two main Nash Motors' automobile series, and was positioned below the top-line Nash Ambassador. Nash developed its post-World War II automobiles using an advanced unit-body construction with fastback aerodynamic styling under the Airflyte name. The care were available as a two- or four-door sedan. A distinguishing feature of all Nashes are the "skirted" fenders.

Statesman engine designs were based on the sturdy and reliable decades-old L-head Nash Light Six engine designed in the 1920s and continuing into the 1940s in the Nash LaFayette and Nash 600, remarkable in itself for the lack of intake and exhaust manifolds. Because of the Statesman's lighter weight, high fuel efficiency was reported by owners and testers.

Nash Statesman models were offered in three sub-series - the top-line Statesman Custom and the entry-level Statesman Super and also a base fleet-only model built for commercial and institutional use.

The Statesman models, along with the Ambassador line, were the volume and profit leaders for Nash.  (Wikipedia)


This historic and rare 1951 Nash Statesman came into Texoma Classics as a full frame-off restoration!  



After our initial inspection, we began the extremely detailed oriented process of dismantling this car from the inside out!

In addition, we also rewired the entire electrical system throughout the car and re-chromed all the chrome on this stunning car! 


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