The "New Ford" was introduced in December of 1927. With a rare eye for design, the very appearance of the car suggested character. It implied integrity and promised performance. Incorporating a radically different sliding gear transmission. shock absorbers, twice the horsepower of the earlier Model T, and only a slightly increased price, loyal Ford owners without hesitation "laid it on the line" and acquired a new Ford.

Hours after driving the car for the first time, most were convinced that here at last was an automobile that not only "belonged", but which actually led the way into the future. No longer the butt of comics' humor, the new Ford had joined the country club set and in the words of a song written by Walter O'Keefe and shortly to become immensely popular......

"Henry Made a Lady Out of Lizzie".

The 1928 Model A.

Our client brought this little lady into our shop because she was running a little bit rough and had some leakage issues. 



Our expert technicians evaluated & diagnosed the transmission and carburetor issues, which on this beautiful girl was not an easy task. They were diligent as a team searching for and troubleshooting a slight hitch in her giddy-up. And yes...that is the technical term.

Finally they rebuilt the carburetor, replaced the leaking water outlet, fixed the transmission & replaced straps on the auxiliary cargo trunk.  We also touched up the paint in several area's.