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The first Ford truck (the third vehicle to be built by Henry Ford) was produced in 1900.

Model T trucks had been produced using the same chassis as the Model T car. Production of complete Model T trucks started in 1918, with 3 produced that year.

Between 1918 and 1927 over 1.6 million Model T trucks were produced by Ford in the USA.

Trucks represented about 11% of all Model T vehicles produced by Ford in the USA and an even greater percentage in Great Britain. In addition Ford sold Model T truck chassis; chassis’ which were later converted into trucks of various types.

Over the years Model T chassis’ were used to produce Fire Tenders, School Buses, Buses, Milk Wagons, Grocery Trucks, Delivery Trucks, Petrol Bowsers and others. 



Our client brought this handsome 1926 Ford Model T Truck in for a complete makeover!

From wheels to floor boards, to engine and body...this amazing little truck got the works!  



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