In 1924, for the first time Ford offered a "C" cab truck with a rear platform bed on their trucks.

During the early 1920s Ford ramped up their advertising in all national magazines and newspapers. Below are some of the new Ford advertisements for 1925.

Sales peaked in 1924 with over 2 million automobiles leaving the assembly line. By this time, many of Ford's competitors had switched to the same principles that had made the Model T success: a cheap and reliable vehicle built on an assembly line produced in mass quantities.

For 1924, instrument panels were standard on all cars. The Model T continued to be powered by a four-cylinder motor that developed 20 horsepower. The planetary transmission had two speeds, forward and reverse.


This little devil came to us needing some much needed engine repairs...after our initial inspection, we got right to work and completely overhauled this vintage motor to original factory specifications....



As you can see...this engine is pristine and is as good as new; thanks to our expert technicians here at Texoma Classics!

The client contacted us needing a freshly rebuilt set of original wooden wheels for his roadster. We refurbished and rebuilt a set for him including all new wood, bearings, races and paint/stain.