In 1924, for the first time Ford offered a "C" cab truck with a rear platform bed on their trucks.

During the early 1920s Ford ramped up their advertising in all national magazines and newspapers. Below are some of the new Ford advertisements for 1925.

Sales peaked in 1924 with over 2 million automobiles leaving the assembly line. By this time, many of Ford's competitors had switched to the same principles that had made the Model T success: a cheap and reliable vehicle built on an assembly line produced in mass quantities.

For 1924, instrument panels were standard on all cars. The Model T continued to be powered by a four-cylinder motor that developed 20 horsepower. The planetary transmission had two speeds, forward and reverse.


This Model T came in for a full frame off restoration.

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We are doing a full engine rebuild. The belt is being replaced along with the two front spring perches, fan bushings and shaft, as well as transmission cover peddle shafts. We rebuilt the starter, replaced the pawl and e-brake spring and a new flat tube radiator is being installed. The gas line is being switched out with a new all steel gas line.

All of the bushings inside the transmission will be replaced along with the clutch discs. We will also recharge all the magnets and rebuild the magneto.

A new generator gear is being installed and the generator output is being set along with adding a new solid state cut out.

In terms of the rear end we are installing new bearings throughout, modern seals, axles, and a new drive shaft.

The steering wheel is being refinished and steering column is being completely rebuilt.



We are completely rewiring the entire car. A new brake light system will be installed.


Got the wood frame complete, now to start getting the body back on and ready for paint.

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Got the body painted and ready to put it back on the frame.

The client chose to buy a brand new reproduction steering wheelwhich is being installed. The seat frames are being fit and installed.

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Most of the paint and body work is now complete.

Test Driving is a vitally important aspect of Quality Control. This test drive went well, and the vehicle is very near completion.

Said good-bye to this treasure. Always exciting for us to see our clients happy with the work we did and how great the car runs. 

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