The Delahaye automobile manufacturing company was founded by Emile Delahaye in 1894, in Tours, France. In 1954 Delahaye was taken over by Hotchkiss and the brand name was discontinued.  Delahaye primarily was a car manufacturer there do not seem to have been many fire appliances produced.  (Excerpt taken from)


The customer shared that this beautiful French Delahaye Fire Engine was used in Paris during the roaring 20's.  Purchased in 1984, it was the only Delahaye in the collection of fire engines of the owner. 

Severely damaged in Hurricane Ike, they wanted to have this beauty restored...and that is exactly what we did! 

The 1924 Delahaye.

The Fire Engine with most of its body panels removed.


This was an extremely exciting project for Texoma Classics!   Our client asked us to bring this french beauty back to life!

We came up with a plan to finish the remaining woodwork, polish the brass, dash & sand, paint and put this beautiful french fire engine back together to be the historical show piece that it is!


This project was a full frame off restoration which involved addressing every single part including and not limited to engine, transmission, differential, frame, front rear suspension, body, interior, electrical and wheels.

Initially the block was magna-fluxed and pressure tested.

  • Bored cylinders to .0 x 0 inches & marked, installed new pistons, rings and wrist pins.

  • Installed new valve guides, new valves, new lifters, crank shaft, ground babbit, poured on main bearings, rod bearings and fourth bearing (ball cap).  New gaskets were installed. The babbit is line bored to - .001 inches over crank shaft diameter and a new cam gear was installed. Next we leather greased retainers, leather belts, and made like new.  We reworked the muffler system and applied heat wrap where necessary.  The wheels were completely refurbished and new tires were installed.

Our expert craftsman totally rebuilt all of the wood components on the truck to include the body, ladder, and rebuilt the dash.

Initially we power washed the chassis and then media blasted the parts and the body.  Next we applied multiple coats of high build primer, then block sanded, primed, painted, color, sand and buff. We also prepped and repainted the wheels as well.



Restored 1924 Delahaye Fire Engine



All of the brass throughout the truck was polished and brought back to life and the truck was re-pinstriped.

Texoma Classics Customer Testimonial - Delahaye Fire Engine

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