Ford’s distinctive centre-door Model T sedan went out of production after 1923. It was convenient and economical, since one door on each side served both the front and rear seat passengers. This example is appropriately appointed in basic black with a tan cloth interior. An oval rear windscreen adds an elegant touch.


This 1923 Center Door came to us as a full frame-off restoration. The vehicle will be taken completely apart and addressed.

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The '23 T as it arrived in the shop.





The '23 T with the engine and drivetrain removed.

All the pieces of this rare classic have been sealed and will be ready for the final paint job very soon! 

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T's include; new poured Babbitt (mains, rods and ball cap), crank ground and polished, Babbitt line bored to match crank, cylinders bored to .0x0" over, new aluminum pistons, new rings, new piston wrist pins, cam polished, new cam bearings, magneto magnets recharged (13 VAC at idle, 29 VAC at speed and starts on magneto), new Kevlar transmission linings, new transmission bushings, bushings honed, new Jack Rabbit Clutch, rebuilt carburetor, new valves, new adjustable lifters, valve/lifter guides installed if needed, new valve seats if needed, valves lapped, starter/generator rebuilt, generator adjusted, exhaust manifold straightened if warped and all new gaskets and paint. All engines are 'run in', in a fully instrumented test stand and are monitored for all critical aspects of operation.  We restore complete antique cars bumper to bumper including body/paint, engine rebuilds, transmission rebuilds, rear ends, interior, wheels etc. All makes, all brands and all Pre-War years.

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Finished the painting on the body and got it moved back over to put on the frame. Now that they are back together, it is time to reassemble the interior. 

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Getting the windows put back on and setting  the tracks so that they work smoothly. 

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The top got covered today. There are 4 layers, chicken wire, denim, cotton webbing and the top layer is vinyl. It is trimmed with the original tacks that came with the car. Also to protect it from the weather we put black silicone adhesive sealant all around the wire welt so that no water can get in and rust the tacks.

Most of the interior is now complete, just a few more things to get done inside of the car. 

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Got the front seats upholstered and installed in the car. Also all of the side panels and doors done. 

Almost done with this Model T, just a few more things to go.

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