With the fascination in racing in the early 20th century, many a Model t owner was inspired to build their own Speedster. Whether this can be attributed to the success of Henry Ford with his speed record of 60mph in 1903 or the endurance of the Model T in the cross country race from New York to Seattle in 1909 is anyone’s guess. But the Model T was raced by many in varied forms and spawned a range of aftermarket accessories to improve speed such as the Rajo and Frontenac ovehead valve heads, different carburettors and lowered front axles among many.
— http://www.modeltcentral.com/Speedster-gallery.html

Ford introduced the Model T in 1909 and produced millions at prices ($450 in 1913) that suited the working man's budget. Human nature and human ingenuity didn't take long to turn the Model T Ford's basic transportation into something a lot more exciting, though and by 1913 a large “aftermarket” had developed, offering a wide range of “speed parts” and custom accessories for the basic black Model T.

The Speedster was but one of many customs offered in 1913 by independent manufacturers, giving the owner a less expensive option to the very popular (and expensive) Stutz Bearcat and Mercer Raceabout.



This beauty came to us for some Engine repairs!  These vintage engines require a lot of TLC and can break down easily if not handled correctly...

We fixed, cleaned and painted the Engine... leaving this little darling purring like a kitten... or at least a 1922 Ford Model T Speedster!!!


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