In September of 1914, Ford began production of their 1915 Model Ts. The most noticeable styling changes were a flared scuttle and curved rear wings that flowed with the arch of the wheel. The largest mechanical innovation for the new Model T's were the option of electric lighting for the headlamps. These were powered by the engines low-tension magento.

1915 was the year that Ford ceased to offer optional colors. There was just one color and it was black because the paint dried more quickly. Some of the dealers side-stepped this 'only black' rule by painting them in brighter colors once they arrived from the factory.


Restoration: The Beginning

This classic 1915 Model T will be resurrected in our shop with a full mechanical diagnosis.

The first step in the process is inspection and dis-assembly of the vintage vehicle's interior, exterior, and drive-train.




Our expert technicians set the trembler coil points on hcct and verified the coils are in proper working condition.

Our next step was the clean out the entire fuel system and rebuild the carburetor and inspected the fluids in the engine.

Finally, we fired up the engine to ensure it was in running order with a systems check.  We completed a compression test, in addition to checking the radiator for leaks, checking the magneto output which for those who don't know, runs the horn, the lights and the electrical system & checked the transmission bands for proper working order.