Texoma Classics provides a wide range of consulting services.

We offer a unique set of skills and experience far beyond a traditional restoration shop, providing seasoned business consulting at the highest levels for automotive and technology projects. 

Classic and Antique Inspections

We provide in-depth, complete, and documented inspections. We will closely inspect and provide a report on any part of a vehicle or the entire vehicle; we can perform specialized inspections including a close examination of frame/chassis, steering/front ends, engines, transmissions, differentials, electrical systems, brakes, body and interiors. 

Automotive Technology Design

Be it a new technology such as a battery based vehicle or some other form of technology, Texoma Classics can design the platform, develop a bill of materials, develop the financial numbers, help build and consult on all portions of the operation. 


Buyer's Assistance

We can provide valuable assistance in verifying a car of interest. We will research, inspect, and evaluate the prospect, and produce an in-depth report on the vehicle. We can handle all aspects of the purchase or simply provide assistance.



Our staff can be hired to perform any research via internet, phone work and in person at any potential data locations. Texoma Classics has been involved in depth research for many years, on many types of cars and has many sources of electronic, written and in person documentation.

At any stage of a project from concept to completion, contact us for expert consulting.

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