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This page is designated for current clients to access their weekly invoices. Client Passwords have been emailed to you. 

Use the Drop-Down list below to select your project, then click “Open Portal”


 NOTE** - If your password is not working or needs to be reset, please email our webmaster.

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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Customer Portal?

A: The Customer Portal is your private account where you will find several tools provided to you in order to manage your budget. Please note that we do this so that you have full control of the final cost of your vehicle. The Customer Portal includes weekly invoice updates, a live daily report, and picture updates.

You, not our shop has full and final approval of all costs.


Q: What is the purpose of the Invoice/Timesheet?

A: This single document allows you access to both your invoice and timesheet 24/7. Here you will find a weekly update of your vehicle’s cost including and not limited to, labor, materials, parts and any other vehicle project related expense. This report is updated each week and reflects the previous week’s progress. In addition to the website location, this document will be emailed out to you weekly. The invoice will either have a “Balance Due” indicating funding due or simply a “balance” indicating that there is no need for additional funding at the time of the emailing.            


Q: Where can I see photos of my vehicle’s progress?

A: You can see photos of your vehicle’s progress inside your Customer Portal. In addition, you can also view the photos from the Current Projects Section. If you have a question regarding your Daily Progress Report you may find out what is being recorded by checking out your pictures.


Q: What is the purpose of the Daily Progress Report?

A: While the Invoice/Timesheet does show itemized labor expenditures as well as parts, materials etc. it is only updated once a week.

The Daily Progress Report is updated daily and will always be one business day behind, i.e. Monday’s work is posted Tuesday. This is then the most current financial information pertaining to your vehicle and can be accessed 24/7. Simply take the hours listed and multiple by the shop rate to arrive at your current financial status on your project.


Demo Customer Portal

If you're thinking of choosing Texoma Classics and would like to see an example of our Customer Portal, watch the video below or select “DEMO PORTAL” located at the bottom of the Project Selection Drop-Down list found at the Top of this page. To log in to the Demo Portal, use "password" without the quotations.



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