1973 Pontiac Firebird

The second generation debut for the 1970 model year was delayed until February 26, 1970, because of tooling and engineering problems; thus, its popular designation as a  1970½ model, while leftover 1969s were listed in early Pontiac literature without a model-year identification. This generation of Firebirds were available in coupe form only; convertibles disappeared after the 1969 model year. In 1973 and 1974, a secial version of the 455, called the Super Duty 455 (SD-455), was offered. The SD-455 consisted of a strengthened cylinder block that included 4-bolt main bearings and added material in various locations for improved strength. Original plans called for a forged crankshaft. although actual production SD455s received nodular iron crankshafts with minor enhancements. Forged rods and forged aluminum pistons were specified, as were unique high-flow cylinder heads.


This car came into the shop to paint the uni-body sub-frame, the front clip, front end disassembly and new suspension installation including bushings, etc. Remove all equipment, clean and paint the engine compartment, install engine/components, transmission and drive shaft. Install cooling system. Install air conditioning system and charge. Disassemble existing differential/suspension. Rebuild rear end and reinstall and fix dash board lights. Remove and replace rear inner/outer wheel wells. 


During the initial tear down, we found a few rusted through spots that the client was not aware of. So we informed him and let him decide what to do with them. 

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Cut out the old wheel well and got it cleaned up for the new ones to be put it. The new wheel wells are in, ready to get welded in.

Wheel wells are finished, they got welded in and there is a layer of seam sealer to make sure everything is properly maintained.

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These are the old steering knuckle assembly, sway bar and the upper and lower control arms.

These are the new steering knuckle assembly, sway bar and the upper and lower control arm.

Click on the pictures to see them up close.

Replacing the old rear sub frame due to being rusted through. 

The torque box braces on each side of the car are needing to be replaced. They were completely rusted, we will replace them with brand new ones. In the last picture you can see the drivers side that was taken out of the car compared to the new brace. 

Got the rear seat panels cut out due to there being a great deal of rust. Now going to clean up the edges around the area that was cut out so that when we get the new section in, we can put it right in.

The rear seat panels came in, so we got them welded into place.

Mock up of the new rear sub frame placement, soon it will be completely welded in.

Preparing the car for a new coat of paint on the under side of the chassis.


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