This jewel  just came in today to get the interior looking good as new. We will be completely re-upholstering the interior of this bad boy such as installing and replacing all of the upholstery to include carpet, seats, door panels, headliner & visors,  dash pad ,  passenger glass window and sweeps as well as the front and rear windshields.  We are also replacing the dash gauges and plugins.  When we are done the inside of this car will be a head turner.

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Got the windows reinstalled, aligned and greased. The old headliner has been pulled out and the new carpet put it.

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Replacing the stock speakers with 6X9 inch speakers. 

The interior is starting to look beautiful. Got the headliner in and finished, the back seat in, carpet is down and the walls are done.

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Got the interior all done and it is now ready to go back to its home. 


Got this one all done and loaded up for the ride home. The interior came out looking beautiful. We had a lot of fun with this car. 

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