The Tempest line received another facelift for the 1970 model year. Hidden headlights were deleted in favor of four exposed round headlamps outboard of narrower grille openings. The nose retained the protruding vertical prow theme, although it was a less prominent. While the standard Tempest and Le Mans had chrome grilles, the GTO retained the Endura urrethane cover around the headlamps and grille.

The suspension was upgraded with the addition of a rear anti-roll bar, essentially the same bar used on the Oldsmobile 442 and Buick Gran Sport. The front anti-roll bar was slightly stiffer. The result was a useful reduction in body lean in turns and a modest reduction of understeer. 

Another handling-related improvement was optional variable-ration power steering. Rather than a fixed ratio of 17.5:1, remaining four turns lock-to-lock, the new system varied its ratio from 14.6:1 to 18.9:1, needing 3.5 turns lock-to-lock. Turning diameter was reduced from 40.9 feet (12.5 m) to 37.4 feet (11.4 m).


This GTO came in because the clients car got rear ended into a pole by one of his employees. You can see, it caused quite a bit of damage to the truck and bumper. 

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We installed a new windshield wiper motor. Also, we converted the air conditioner system from R 12 to R 134A. We evacuated, recharged and checked for any leaks. 

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Removed the bumper, we can now start working on the body work.

Due to the accident bending the trunk deck lid hinges we needed to remove them. We will be replacing them with new hinges.

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The new hinges are painted and ready to go back onto the car.

The new deck lid hinges are on the the car.

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Cut out the twisted and mangled metal that was from the accident. We cut out the bad section and will be replacing this area with a new piece.

We have the replacement piece ready to be welded into the correct spot. Once that is done, we will clean it up and make it look like nothing ever happened.

Almost all done with the body work. 

Fitting the trunk lid on to make sure it fits just right. 

Body work is all done and will be going into the paint booth very soon.

We got the rear of the car painted. The rest of the pieces will be painted today and be put on the car next week.

We got the trunk lid painted and on the car, we now that just a few pieces left to paint.

We got the spoiler attached to the trunk lid, along with the badges. 

Installed the new trunk weatherstripping.

Installed brand new breaks.


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