Airstream trailers and recreational vehicles are manufactured in Jackson Center, Ohio, USA. The company, a division of Thor Industries, now employs more than 475 people, and is the oldest in the industry. The company was created by Wally Byam, a lawyer by training, who began building trailers out of Masonite in his backyard in Los Angeles during the late 1920's. There are more than a dozen Airstream parks throughout the United States. These are RV resorts or campgrounds where owners of Airstream-manufactured units are allowed to buy, rent or lease a site. Airstreamers are a group of  "RV-ers" who share a community spirit because of their common love of the trailers. In the early 1950s, Airstream company founder Wally Byam began leading groups of owners on travels to many portions of the world, where the towed trailers were quite remarkable. 


This Airstream came in for a completely new look. As you can see it needs just a little work to make it a functional trailer. Here is the start to this Airstreams new lease on life!

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Here you can see the sub-floor getting placed. Step 1 in putting this back together is complete.

Cleaned up all of the old wires and organized the new wires. Looks better now that the wires aren't hanging down everywhere. 

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Constructing the wheel wells for the inside of the trailer. Custom made to fit over the wheels.

Made out of oriented strand board and 14 gauge steel. You can see here the screws and caulk. These are now almost complete.

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Cut the corners to match the radius of the wheel well. Now it will slide right into the right place. After these are attached to the floor, there will be no more holes. 

Here you can see the water lines being ran through to the correct locations. Here is the new water heater that was installed.

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Got the water heater in and the lines that will run to the sinks and the bathroom. 

Here you see the new breaker box and converter. You can see all the new and neat wires going into the box.

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Got the outlets in and they are in different spots so you'll have room to put everything.

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