1967 brought makeovers which changed front and rear styling extensively. The 4-door sedan was dropped from lineup (leaving the 4-door hardtop), the 440 V8 became standard and only available powerplant in two guises: base and more powerful TNT. 1968 facelifting brought concealed headlamps which were to be 300 trademark until 1971. The Chrysler 300 (Chrysler 300 Non-Letter Series) was a full-size automobile produced by Chrysler from 1962 until 1971. It was the replacement for the 1961 Chrysler Windsor, which itself filled the place in Chrysler's line previously occupied by the Saratoga just the year before that (1960). The 300 was positioned below the 300 "letter series", adding 4-door versions and running alongside that model until its discontinuation in 1966. It became the sole 300 model until 1971, when production ended. The 300 name returned to the Chrysler line in 1979 as an option package on the Cordoba coupe.


This car came in to get a new paint job, and it has some lights that aren't working. So we will figure out what is wrong and correct the problem. We will also be getting the bumpers re-chromed. 

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We got everything off the exterior of the car removed, preparing it for the paint job.

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Got most of the interior removed from the car, won't be long before we send it off to get sand blasted.

Getting this car ready to go to the media blaster. We got all the trim and emblems off. Also got the windows taped up to protect them from the spray.

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Just got the car back from the media blaster, next we will seal it so that it doesn't rust.

Getting the car prepared for some new paint. 

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We replaced a rusted piece of metal with a hand rolled piece of sheet metal.

Body work is all done on this car.

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Working on replacing some of the rusted rear window setions.

Replace the truck floor pan due to the previous being covered in rust.

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