The 1966 Mustang debuted with moderate trim changes including a new grille, side ornamentation, wheel covers and gas cap. Ford's new C-4 "cruise-o-matic" three-speed auto transmission became available for the 225 hp V8. The 289 "HiPo" K-code engine was also offered with a C4 transmission, but it had stronger internals and can be identified by the outer casing of the servo which is marked with a 'C'. The long duration solid-lifter camshaft that allowed the high revving 289 to make the horsepower it was known for, was not friendly for a low stall speed automatic torque converter. The "HiPo" could be spotted very easily by the 1-inch-thick (25 mm) vibration damper, (as compared to 1/2 inch on the 255-hp version) and the absence of a cavuum advance unit on the dual point distributor. With the valve covers off, there is a large letter "K" stamped between the valve springs, along with screw in studs (vs. a pressed in stud for other 289's) for the adjustable rocker arms. A large number of new paint and interior color options, an AM/eight-track sound system, and one of the first AM/FM mono automobile radios were also offered. It also removed the Falcon instrument cluster; the previously optional features, including the round gauges and padded sun visors, became standard equipment. The Mustang would be the best-selling convertible in 1966, with 72,119 sold, beating the number two Impala by almost 2:1.


This car came in needing a new vinyl top, some body and paint work on the doors and the front passenger floor pan removed and replaced. 

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Removing all of the chrome around the windshield so that we can get the vinyl top off to replace.

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Got the old vinyl top removed, now to get the rest of the vinyl off and we will be able to get the new one on.

Replaced the floor pan on the passenger side of the car, the old one was rotted through and couldn't stay in the car.

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Working on applying the vinyl top on the roof. 

The vinyl top is completely on the car, we just need to put the windshields back in.

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Got the windshields back in the car, now all we have to add is the trim.


Finished up this project and sending her back home. This was a fun project to work on!

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