1966 Corvette Stingray

The 1966 model's frontal appearance was mildly altered with an eggcrate grille insert to replace the previous horizontal bars and the coupe lost its roof-mounted extractor vents, which had proven inefficient. Corvettes also received an emblem in the corner of the hood for 1966. Head rests were a new option, one of the rarest options was the Red/Red Automatic option with power windows and air conditioning from factory which records show production numbered only 7 convertibles and 33 coupes. This relative lack of change reflected plans to bring out an all-new Corvette for 1967.It certainly did not reflect a fall-off in the car's popularity, however. In fact, 1966 would prove another record-busting year, with volume rising to 27,720 units, up some 4200 over 1965's sales.


Customer called us with a very interesting car that he had in his barn. He claimed that it was a numbers matching car that he had for several years tucked away in his barn. Of course that intrigued our team and made them want to know for sure. So the research began on the car that claimed to be all original and numbers matching. In this day and age it is difficult to find any car with most of the parts being original but this one seemed to be becoming a dream come true...


This one is going to be a bit more of a challenge since there were a lot of little intricate parts that our team brought in boxes. This is going to be a fun one to watch come back together. Once they have cataloged all the parts that came with the car they will proceed with the work it will take to verify that it is, in fact, a numbers matching car. 


When it comes to researching a 1966 Corvette to ensure it is all original numbers matching vehicle, you would need the manufacturing specifications manual for verification. When restoring a classic car back to factory originality, there are many factors which come into play. Parts should all be period correct and assembled in a manner which reflects the tooling, hardware, and procedures which would have been available at the factory when the vehicle was initially assembled. Items such as the engine block, heads, transmission, rear end, frame etc... will have casting codes and date codes located in various places which should all match with the appropriate original numbers. Cars such as Chevrolet Corvettes are judged using the NCRS system.

Take your time to click on the manufacturing specifications manual (left) to discover how each vehicle has Corresponding numbers for each production year. To get a better understanding of how NCRS judges Corvette restorations, click on the NCRS manual (right).

Click the image above to read more about the NCRS Scoring System

Click the image above to read more about the NCRS Scoring System

Click the image above to see the full Specifications Manual

Click the image above to see the full Specifications Manual


Oops, during our discovery process we uncovered three items that were not manufactured during the birth of the 1966 Corvette Stingray. As identified in the chart to the right these items our team will now be on the hunt to locate a alternator, distributor and carburetor. Even though the Corvette had a Holley Carburetor on it, it was not manufactured during the time of the 1966 Corvette.

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Tearing it down...

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Started the tear down process, got the interior stripped down to the metal. Still need to get the dash and exterior stripped down.

Got the dash out of the car, along with the steering column. 

Got the motor pulled out of the engine bay, now we are going to get the rest of the parts removed from the engine bay.

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The body and frame have gotten separated, have a few more parts to get off of each, then off to the media blaster.

One of our team members found a numbers matching alternator. After researching to find out everything they could on the missing piece, they found one! We did about a weeks worth of searching the internet for this piece, we were able to locate one on Ebay.

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The previous shop thought they had dropped something down into the intake manifold, so we took the intake manifold and both heads off to check. We did not come across anything.

Started the process of repairing the front clip on this classic 1966 Corvette. 

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There are a few places that needs some minor work done to them.

The frame has come back from the powder coater and media blaster.

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