The Chevrolet Chevy II/ Nova was a small automobile manufactured by Chevrolet, and produced in five generations for the 1962 through 1979, and 1985 through 1988 model years. Nova was the top model Chevy II lineup through 1968. The Chevy II nameplate was dropped, Nova nameplate for the 1969 through 1979 models.

1966 Chevy II's introduced an extensive sharp-edged restyle based in part on the Super Nova concept car. In general, proportions were squared up but dimensions and features changed little. Highlights included a bold grille and semi-fastback roofline. "Humped" fenders in an angular rear end were reminiscent of larger 1966 Chevrolet's, though the 1966 Chevy II and Nova had vertical taillights and single headlights. The lineup again started with Chevy II 100 and Chevy II Nova 400 models. 

For just $159 (equal to $1,173.66 today) more than a Nova 400, buyers could choose a Nova Super Sport. Available only in a Sport Coupe, the Nova SS was top of the line. The 194 cu in (3.18 L) inline-six was standard on the Super Sport, but any Chevy II (excluding four-cylinder) engine could be coupled with the SS. The Nova SS was visually distinguished by wide rocker panels and a bright aluminum deck lid cove. It had bright SS emblems on the grille and in the ribbed rear panel, and Super Sport script on the quarter panels. Wheel covers were inherited from the 1965 Malibu SS.


The client noticed a couple of scratches on his car and some areas that had some rust. We will be replacing the rust and fixing the scratches on the car.

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Here we had to cut out a spot in the car that had rust. We will be replacing this area with a new piece of metal.

This area  is very common in getting rust, we applied some Por-15 to help this from happening again.

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We replaced the exterior metal, we have cleaning up to do around the edges.

We have gotten all the body work done, we will now be moving to paint.

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Got this area painted on the car, you can't even tell something was wrong there.

We have started the process of fixing the scratch above the light. 

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Removed the headlight bezel to replace since it was damaged.

The new bezel came in and is on the car.

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The fender is complete, right above the light there was a pretty big scratch that we fixed.


This one is all done.

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