The Sliver Cloud III arrived in 1963. External dimensions were slightly altered, the interior remodeled, the weight reduced by a little over 100 kg (220 lb) and improvements made to the engine which included fitting 2-inch (51 mm) SU carburetors in place of the 1¾ inch units used on the Series II Silver Cloud. The compression ratio was increased to 9:1, reflecting the higher octane levels of premium fuel in major markets, although the option of a lower 8:1 compression ratio was still offered in markets where non-availability of higher octane fuels might be an issue. Rolls-Royce, as before, refused to disclose overall engine power output, but indicated that there had been an improvement of "perhaps 7%". Increased power and weight reduction boosted speed and performance slightly. The engine now included a nitride hardened crankshaft to reflect the extra power being generated and in response to reports of broken crankshafts in the earlier V8 Silver Clouds. The transmission was a GM Hydramatic which Rolls-Royce used under licence.

The headlights were grouped in a four-headlamp layout subsequently continued in the later Silver Shadow. Other external changes included a slightly increased slope of the bonnet to correspond with a 1 1⁄2 inches (3.8 cm) reduction in radiator grille height.


This car came in because there were a couple of spots underneath the car that had some rust spots. We will be diagnosing how bad the spots are and how much work will be needed to be put into replacing the sections. 

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Due to there being holes in the tail panel, we are welding the holes shut. The inner rocker panel, will have to be cut out and replaced with new metal.

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We got the holes patched back up. Now that it is all done, it is ready to go back home.


Finished up with the rust spots, got them cut out and replaced. We were happy to work on a Rolls!

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