The fourth generation of the Ford F-Series is a line of pickup trucks and commercial trucks that were produced by Ford from October 1960 to August 1966. Sleeker and wider than its predecessor, the new F-Series introduced several firsts to the truck line. In Canada, the F-Series continued to be distributed by Mercury dealers as the M-Series.

In October 1964, the 1965 F-Series was introduced an all-new frame, which would then be used on the F-Series until 1979. In contrast, the body remained largely unchanged, but the 1965 and 1966 models the turn signals are above the headlights. Replacing the rudimentary straight-axle in the front was all-new independent "Twin I-Beam" suspension with coil springs on two-wheel-drive trucks. The 1965 and 1966 F-Series trucks are distinguished with a "TWIN I-BEAM" emblem on the front fender. The F-Series also included a 4-door crew-cab model.


We will be working on the upholstery and widow regulators in this truck.

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Removed all of the interior to begin the process.

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Replaced the upholstery on the door panels.

The new headliner and visors have been completed.

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The new upholstery on the bench seat is complete.


We have completed out work on this classic.

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