For 1964 Chevrolet made only evolutionary changes to the Corvette. Besides the coupe's backbone window, the two simulated air intakes were eliminated from the hood, though their indentations remained. Also, the decorative air-exhaust vent on the coupe's rear pillar was made functional, but only on the left side. The car's rocker-panel trim lost some of its ribs and gained black paint between those ribs that remained; wheel covers were simplified; and the fuel filler/deck emblem gained concentric circles around its crossed-flags insignia. Inside, the original color-keyed steering wheel rim was now done in simulated walnut.


This baby came in for some tinder love and care. It is a beautiful car that looks like it could win any show.

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In these pictures are the old mufflers, you can see the rust and rotted through spots. We are going to replace them with some new mufflers.

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Installed both the driver and passenger side mirrors. Also we installed the driver door window for our client. 

Brand new mufflers installed on the car. Looks a little better now without the rust spots and holes.

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Taking out the old window channel and felt to replace with some new parts.


This one is heading home.

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