The Chevrolet Task Force was Chevrolet's successor to the Advance Design trucks. The Task Force Series ran from late 1955 (second series) through 1959. At GMC locations, it was called the Blue Chip Series.

The 1955 second series offered standard options and add-ons such as 12-volt electrical systems, the first V8(the 265 cubic inch), and fleet-side six-, seven-, and eight-foot length beds.

 Minimal changes from 1958, the most apparent was a larger and more ornate hood emblem and redesigned badging on the fenders. The last year that the NAPCO (Northwestern Auto Parts Company) "Powr-Pak" four-wheel drive conversion could be factory ordered.


This truck came in to get a few minor pieces fixed. We are happy to work on this big, beautiful truck. We will be diagnosing some electrical/wiring issues, repairing rear-end leak, replace starter, and align the hood and right fender.

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The hood hinges have worn out over time, so we will be replacing them with brand new ones.

The alignment of the the hood and fenders are off. We will have to realign them back to original placement.

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The new hinges are now on the truck. 

Some of the wires in the cab  being replaced with new wires.

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We had to do some work on the rear end pinion seal.

We put in new wire for the break lights.

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Fenders and hood are now aligned and back in the correct spots.


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