1954 Oldsmobile 98

In 1954, Oldsmobiles were redesigned across the line, with a three body style 98 series at the top. Convertibles were dubbed Starfires, after the previous year's Starfire dream car. A slightly higher horsepower 324 cu in (5.3 L) Rocket V8 was shared with the Super 88 series. Stranded 98 equipment included bumper guards, rubber simulated carpets front and rear, electric clock, lined truck, dual horns, cigarette lighter, aluminum door sill plates, turn signals, chrome windshield washer, Deluxe steering wheel with horn ring. Upholstery choices were nylon and leather, in a variety of colors. Standard tire size was 8.00 (203) by 15 inches (381 millimeters). 


This client found us on Facebook and asked if we could fix her car. So of course, we told her to come on down. Her initial complaint was poor acceleration, with the vehicle topping out around 35 MPH. 

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After inspection, the carburetor was found to be nearly completely blocked up with years of old gas/sludge, causing a restriction of fuel flow. This lead to a full tear  down and rebuild. We also drained her gas tank, flushed the fuel lines, replaces her inline filter and replaced her auxiliary fuel pump.

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Got the old gas tank out, waiting for the new one to come in to replace the old one.

Brand new gas tank for this beauty. Installed and all ready to go home.

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Got the Oldsmobile done and it has gone home! This was such a great car to work on, everyone loved it!

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