The Pontiac brand was introduced by General Motors in 1926 as the companion marque to GM's Oakland division, and shared the GM A platform. It was named after the famous Ottawa chief who had also given his name to the city of Pontiac, Michigan where the car was produced. Within months of its introductions, Pontiac was outselling Oakland, which was essentially a 1920s  Chevrolet with a six-cylinder engine installed. Body styles offered included a sedan with both two and four doors, Landau Coupe, with the Sport Phaeton, Sport Landau Sedan, Sport Cabriolet and Sport Roadster. As a result of Pontiac's rising sales, versus Oakland's declining sales, Pontiac became the only companion marque to survive its parent, with Oakland ceasing production in 1932.


This car came in for some wiring to be completed, install some hoses and check the brakes.

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Started working on the engine.

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New brake master cylinder access door. We had to cut and brace the frame.

The gauges were installed and the AC has been wired.


The car is ready to go home.

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