The "New Ford" was introduced in December of 1927. With a rare eye for design, the very appearance of the car suggested character. It implied integrity and promised performance. Incorporating a radically different sliding gear transmission. shock absorbers, twice the horsepower of the earlier Model T, and the 1930 and 1931 models were available with stainless steel radiator cowling and headlamp housings with only a slightly increased price. Loyal Ford owners without hesitation "laid it on the line" and acquired a new Ford.

Hours after driving the car for the first time, most were convinced that here at last was an automobile that not only "belonged", but which actually led the way into the future. No longer the butt of comics' humor, the new Ford had joined the country club set and in the words of a song written by Walter O'Keefe and shortly to become immensely popular......

"Henry Made a Lady Out of Lizzie".


This stunning 1931 Model A Roadster came into our shop, already beautiful!  But it needed a carburetor rebuilt and a full break job; something you cannot just take to your typical repair shop.  Vintage & classic cars take special care and no where will you get better care than at Texoma Classics.

Regardless of whether you desire a full frame-off restoration, or just a little maintenance for your vintage automobile, Texoma Classics has you covered. 


Initially we removed the wheels, hubs, brake drums, removed wheel cylinders and drum springs.  Cleaned and degreased the wheel cylinders as well as the front brake drums.

Next we removed the carburetor to have it cleaned and rebuilt and then reinstalled along with a new air filter and then a final inspection.

We started by disassembling & troubleshooting the entire breaking system.  Including bleeding the breaks, readjusting the rear brakes and replacing the front brake shoes.   We even built a custom trap door to get to the master cylinder! 

In addition, we completely tore down the carburetor, cleaning the jets & passageways, replacing gaskets & a new needle in the “seat”.  Once that was complete, we carefully tuned & calibrated the carburetor to the motor so it’s now running in tip top condition!

We completely rebuilt the brake cylinders and installed the brake lines, wheel cylinders and bled the brakes. Installed rear brakes and front brake assembly.  The brake shoes were placed on the driver’s side, bled brakes, and reinstalled wheels.

The carburetor was completely torn down and reassembled with new parts. The turn signal assembly was installed.