The Ford Model TT is a truck made by Ford. It was based on the Ford Model T, but with a heavier frame and rear axle, giving it a rating of 1 short ton (0.91 t). When first produced in 1917, the Model TT was sold as a chassis with the buyer supplying a body. The price was $600. Starting in 1924, the truck was available with a factory-produced body. By 1926 the price had dropped to $325. In 1925, a hand operated windshield wiper was added. The rear axle of the TT had a worm drive and crown wheel, unlike the Model T's crown wheel and pinion. The worm was located at the end of the drive shaft and above the crown wheel. The wheelbase of the Model TT was 125 inches (320 cm), compared to the 100 inches (250cm) for the Model T. It was often equipped with an accessory gearbox, such as the Ruxtell or jumbo gearboxes, which allowed the truck to have intermediate gears between low and high, useful for hill climbing.


This truck came in to get some cosmetics done, the engine rebuilt and make it safe to drive. Our team is excited to work on this truck because they have never had the chance to learn to work on one before. 

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We got all the wheels off, the front wheels will need to replace wheel bearings. The rear end will need to be rebuilt, that is why it is off the truck.

We got the engine pulled today, thanks to our hard working technicians. They will begin tearing down the engine to rebuild and replace pieces to get it running again.

The rearend is completely broken down now. The clean up starts now, then the rebuild begins.

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The engine and transmission are broken down, everything is off. We will clean up all the pieces and do any machine work needed, then we will rebuild them.

While taking the engine apart, we came across three cracks in the water jacket. We will have to now find a new block for this engine due to the cracks.

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We will also have to find a new head for the block due to it also have two cracks. 

We installed new wires in the engine bay and also in the cab of the truck. 

The engine block has received freshly poured Babbitt in the main journals, ready to be line bored.


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