The first Ford truck (the third vehicle to be built by Henry Ford) was produced in 1900.

Model T trucks had been produced using the same chassis as the Model T car. Production of complete Model T trucks started in 1918, with 3 produced that year.

It wasn’t until January 1924 that the company started to produce bodies for their trucks. Up to then Ford used independent body suppliers.

Between 1918 and 1927 over 1.6 million Model T trucks were produced by Ford in the USA. Trucks represented about 11% of all Model T vehicles produced by Ford in the USA and an even greater percentage in Great Britain. In addition Ford sold Model T truck chassis; chassis’ which were later converted into trucks of various types.

Over the years Model T chassis’ were used to produce Fire Tenders, School Buses, Buses, Milk Wagons, Grocery Trucks, Delivery Trucks, Petrol Bowsers and others. 



This Model T Truck came in to have some engine work and have the convertible top fixed. Making the vehicle not able to drive.  All the main generals were worn and in need of new babbitt. 


We modified a replacement convertible top to be removable. The customer wanted to be able to completely remove the top. With the engine complete it is now running like the champion that it once was. 

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